February 27, 2012

How To Pack (light)

I'm off to the great state of Texas this week to visit my family, and while I'm away this week I thought I would share some fancy travel trips along with some awesome guest bloggers. So lets start off with how to pack, the worst part of traveling in my eyes.

I've never been very good at packing light, my suitcase is always a jumbled mess. Then add in all the new clothes I bought on my trip and you have a crazy looking lady at the airport desperately stuffing things from her suitcase to her carrying  on so she doesn't have to pay the extra baggage fee. AKA me every time. 

So when I was packing for my trip home to Austin this week I packed early and smarter. Knowing I would need extra room on the return flight I laid out some simple rule's for myself while packing.

1. Pack things that you can roll and cram in tight spaces without getting wrinkled. 
2. Pack outfits that you can mix up while you there. 
3. Pack within the same color scheme so more outfits can go together. 
4. Wear your more bulky item's on the plane. 

I did really well, except packing within the same color scheme that was hard, but everything else followed the rules.

 For Example.

-My H&M heels go with almost every single outfit packed. So less shoes=more room.
-Two skirts I packed I can wear twice by simple swapping out the shirt's. 
-I brought a button up shirt that I can wear by it's self, and then if one day it's a little cold I brought a sweater to put over it.
-That same sweater I can wear with a different skirt. 
-Instead of bringing all my Jewelery I brought only what goes with the outfit's picked out. 
-Every single piece can be rolled, crammed, and smashed without getting wrinkled. 
-I'm wearing my boots on the plane to save extra room.

So there you have it a simple way to pack. 
Hopefully I will look more elegant on this trip than I have the last.  



  1. you are going to look adorable!! your great at packing, I struggle a lot!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. Im leaving Friday for California with just a Carryon for a whole week. I will have to try this out!

    1. Ya you will have to let me know how it goes.

  3. Well look at you miss lady! Being so smart with your packing... I wish I had something to pack for :( Ever since I was little I would start packing at least a week early haha


    1. Jealous of your packing skills, you probably know better than me.

  4. Replies
    1. O I will maybe I can bring us back some warm sunshine.