February 22, 2012

Two Dollar Bill.

 David took me on a mini date last night to a Mexican joint in town that we like to visit often. During dinner he explained  the rest of our date and the Rules. 

He handed me a two dollar bill and said this was all I had to buy as many things as I could think of that represented all the date's we had ever been on. And I could only  buy these things in the Wal-Mart shopping mall. So basically Wal-Mart and Albertson's, and the winner would be getting a prize at the place of the award ceremony.

At the award ceremony we pulled out our items. 

Me: Ice Cream Cones. 
On almost every single date we have gotten some kind of treat. 
I know the cleverness is just beyond you.

David: Plastic toys for all the games we've played together. A penny for all the luck we've had together. A necklace for all the shopping trips we go on. A popcorn kernal for all the movies we've watched, and potato for all the meals we've eaten together.  

After he showed me all of his I wanted him to win for how thoughtful it was, but we decided instead that I would most Clever and he would win most Thoughtful. 

and we both ate cake.

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