February 5, 2012

Domestic Disaster.

Working at the salon part time has its benefits, not only do I get more time for my blog, playing with Coco, and finding new outfits, it also lets me try my hand at a little domestic living. I do not cook what so ever. David cooks every night we are not eating out. So when I decided to make him dinner it was a really big deal and pretty much saying I love you LOTS! 
Because honestly cooking stresses me out more than it should. 

I shot Dave a text to see what he would like for dinner and he kindly chose two things I actually can make, Pizza or Enchiladas. I would normally go straight for mexican but their was this new pizza recipe we had found that actually worked for me. 

Easy enough right? My goal was to have everything ready when he got home from work but being me that didn't happen. 

Let me just list for you everything that went wrong.

First I forgot the pizza sauce and we had to go back to the store.
Second there was hair in my pizza crust and then hair in Davids. I know. Just terrible.
Third I didn't even make the salad I bought. Completely FORGOT geeez.

Not feeling any pity on me yet? You will.

I saw these yogurt covered strawberries on Pinterest and thought they would be good for a valentines post. But I wanted to step it up a notch and add some chocolate pudding. Howver I bought this weird kind and I had to boil the milk with the pudding mixture.  So when I pulled out the pudding a couple of hours later to serve, and actually tried the pudding it tasted like I had gone out and grilled the pudding over a fire. Thats when I really lost it and was pretty upset that I pretty much ruined the whole night.

But David being the good husband he is ran back to the store for me and bought some instant pudding. No boiling needed.

I'm happy to say that the strawberries turned out wonderful and would be a great treat to make for a loved one this Valentines day

Unlike everything else I made that night these were extremely easy. 

Heres how it's done.
-Cover a cookie pan with wax paper.
-Cut off the top of however many strawberries you would like to make. 
-Using a fork dip strawberries into Vanilla yogurt.
-Place yogurt covered strawberries on cookie pan.
-Place in freezer and let freeze.

Long story short I need to take some cooking classes.


  1. Sounds like a good effort to me. I bet David appreciated everything you did, even if you thought you ruined everything. Don't give up on yourself - you don't have to be the best cook in the neighborhood. Even if you mess up another meal, you'll look fabulous doing so.

  2. Oh cooking disasters. Sometimes I swear things just never go right. You're not alone in that. Those strawberries look delicious btw.

  3. Thanks I think I found them off of your Pinterest haha.

  4. i have so been there! at least husbands are awesome :)

  5. You sound like me! Before I had my daughter I was a TOTAL DISASTER in the kitchen. (I'm only marginally better now)

    Start with the Sandra Lee semi-homemade cookbooks - they are less intimidating! ;)